The Wealthy
Change Maker

a life in alignment with what you value most

There’s a big misunderstanding about wealth.

Wealth is thought of as “greedy”, “hard”, & “money”.

Your relationship with wealth is yours.

The big question: Does it limit or nourish you?

Your wealth has everything to do with your impact.

Leadership Coaching

Your own personal odyssey to a lifestyle in freedom.
The age old debate of Stability vs Freedom is a tired, well-rehearsed & very-detailed story.
So wtf do you do with this story?

I want high-level coaching
I've got answers.

Yes, for specific leaders when you and I both feel called to work together.

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I started back in 2009. Yes, a whopping 15 years.

I am the living breathing form of a new era of wealth.

I live a “both/and” of wealth and impact.

I have traveled the seven seas, swam wild with dolphins in the Indian Ocean, lived in a campervan in New Zealand (and Europe), worked with leaders in Senegalese women’s centers, studied negotiations in the Hague, learned from real peace processes living with FARC in Colombian jungles.

My wealth doesn’t look like mansions and lambos. It looks like an experience being present with the life on this planet.

I defined what wealth is for me. And I’m living it.

Just check out the photos on my website. They’re 95% from my own lens.

Wealth is much more than we think.

It doesn’t prequel greed. It’s not the amount of money in your bank account nor your assets.

Those may be pieces of your wealth.

However, your wealth is a mosaic of your most precious values in the flesh.

True wealth is a life in alignment with what you value.

Wealth is a knowing you are supported, everything is always working out for you.

Wealth is you experiencing connection with what is most important for you.

Which might not be fancy cars and Louis Voution’s.

Wealth might be you with cows in your yard. A kitchen full of fresh produce from your garden. A house with lots of light. A family you’re inspired by.

Wealth is the embodiment of your life worth living.

So what is wealth for you?

You define it.

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The easiest way to start working with wealth is actually in your time.

Your time is the greatest form of wealth you have now.

We work with your mindset around time, we work with your life worth living (aka your wealth).