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Wealth is much more than we think.

It doesn’t prequel greed. Nor selfishness.

It’s not the amount of money in your bank account nor your assets.

Those may be pieces of your wealth.

However, your wealth is a mosaic of your most precious values in the flesh.

True wealth is a life in alignment with what you value.

Wealth is a knowing you are supported, everything is always working out for you.

Wealth is you experiencing connection with what is most important for you.

Which might not be fancy cars and Louis Voution’s.

Wealth might be you with cows in your yard. A kitchen full of fresh produce from your garden. A house with lots of light. A family you are inspired by.

Wealth is the embodiment of your life worth living.

So what is wealth for you?

You define it.

A change maker is a visionary who wants to build a more symbiotic Earth.

Mutualism is their thing (aka win win).

Authenticity is their thing.

Nature is also their thing.

A change maker has many things…

But the most important thing:

Is their desire to leave the world a better place than when they came.

What is “better” you ask? You define that, my friend.

Some change makers might hate this part.

But I love having money and I love exploring different ways to embody impact.

(Like the dope kind of impact that fuels people beyond myself to experience peace).

In many corners of the Earth,

There is a belief that wealth, money, and resources are the epitome of what’s wrong with humans. So wealth is bad for impact.

(Like the French girl I met who believed we should have a maximum income… ew).

That belief is not a part of my own playground.

My life embodies the “both/and” foundation.

I live BOTH wealthy AND impactful.

Nourished AND resourced.

I am taken care of AND generous.

No need to “either/or” your life no more.

Live the both/and of Wealthy and World-Changing.

I bet you know what “busy” is for you. That one’s easy.

It’s the reason why you stop calling our friend’s back.

It’s a full calendar of events that take up time.

It’s an excuse to not go, not to do the thing, not to play.

When you are “busy”, you play hide-and-seek with what you want.

“Busy” is settling for what’s okay, what’s known.

Beyond busy, now that’s a hot topic.

Beyond busy is a completely different way of thinking.

It’s space to create, to follow through, to reconnect.

Beyond busy is a place you can be excited.

It’s the “both/and” lifestyle. I am wealthy and impactful.

Check it out. Start 5 days to go beyond busy.

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The Earth is getting wild.

World leaders are quit “victimy” and our cultural systems feel like they're cracking.
Family is a tricky rollercoaster. “Work” is a real.

What the f*** is going on, planet?

Places like El Savlador are ‘solving’ their crime problems (controversially so). The United States is an uber paradox of righteous and free… NOT solving its crime problems. There are more 5-year-olds with tablets than ever… while indigenous wisdom is on the rise.

A big change is happening in our world.

Some say “climate change”, others say a “great awakening”, others speak of the next “World War”. Whatever you see is. This is my invitation to explore if your vision of “what is” is your life worth living.

Stop playinghide-and-seekwith the life you want.

This is a request to go beyond the hustle life. It’s an invitation to rework your belief systems to your rules. Not your dad’s. Not your 5th grade teacher’s rules. Yours. Simple but not easy. I’ll show you how to do the frequency work for your life beyond busy.

So drop the struggle. Explore what’s beyond your hustle world. Get in the receiving mode.

It’s the prime moment to learn to lead ourselves from our vision, not our victim.

About me

I am Tanna Garrett.

I am a Global woman, leadership coach, geography queen, and sage meets messenger. From the ‘burbs of Phoenix, Arizona, I thrive in heat and celebrate the rain.

I am the creator of this experience. So are you. I write. You hear.

You’ll experience I’m big on nature, colors, and a playful lifestyle that feels nourishing aka wealthy… all vibes featured in the Journal.

8+ years of international travel

After 8+ years of international travel & doing crazy sh*t (like meeting “former terrorists” and riding Arabian horses across New Zealand)

Powerful beliefs

I am sharing the f*cking powerful beliefs and ideas that lead the heart of a rising world visionary.

My vision is to build new Earth world leadership.

There’s never been a better moment…

…to have leaders we are excited about, honored by… who we feel ‘safe’ to be led by. Contrary to most opinions, that doesn’t start with the top. The whole leadership thing starts with you. 

Now let’s make that happen.

Lead yourself to change the world.

Lead yourself, you Wealthy Change Maker.

Welcome to my World.


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