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The Earth is getting wild.

What the f*** is going on, planet?

World leaders are quit “victimy” and our cultural systems feel like they're cracking.

Places like El Savlador are ‘solving’ their crime problems (controversially so). The United States is an uber paradox of righteous and free… not solving its crime problems. There are more 5-year-olds with tablets than ever while indigenous wisdom is on the rise.

It’s clear:

A big change is happening in our world.

Some say “climate change”, others say a “great awakening”, others speak of the next “World War”. Whatever you see becomes real. This is my invitation to explore if your vision of “what is” is working for you.

Simple but not easy.

I’ll show you how to not judge yourself into a corner of shame, failure feelings, and guilt. So drop the struggle. Explore your transformed world. Get in the receiving mode. It’s the prime moment to learn to lead ourselves from our vision, not our victim.

We answer


Sup! My name is Taylor Anna Garrett. 

I am a Global woman, leadership coach, geography queen, and sage meets messenger. From the ‘burbs of Phoenix, Arizona, I thrive in heat and celebrate the rain. 

I am the creator of this experience. So are you. I write. You hear. 

You’ll experience I’m big on nature, colors, and a playful lifestyle… all vibes featured in the Journal. 

After 8+ years of international travel & doing crazy sh*t (like meeting “former terrorists” and riding Arabian horses across New Zealand), I am sharing the f*cking powerful beliefs and ideas that lead the heart of a world visionary. 

My vision is to build new Earth world leadership. We get to have leaders we are excited about, honored by and ‘safe’ to be led by. Contrary to most opinions, that doesn’t start with the top. The whole leadership thing starts with you. 

Now let’s make that happen.

Lead yourself to change the world.

Welcome to my World.