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We must learn to lead ourselves from our vision, not our victim.

That is why I created this expansive pocket of the internet.

While we cannot outsource our internal transformation, we can walk it with someone…
Someone who can hold space and possibility for us...
even when we cannot see it ourselves.

New Earth Coaching

With a tailored approach

I work with the contrast of your most inspired passions and most painful conflicts to reunite your spirit on its journey with the joy of creation. We make it such a struggle sometimes. 

My work on 6 continents

(Yesss, I’m missing Anatartica… for now) has revealed the most important work on Earth is that within ourselves. No doctor, teacher, government, lover nor even coach can ever “help” us enough to create “my life worth living”. 

We answer


As a Spiritual Director, I walk with people in their darkest places and shine light within– for the “most important light is the light we cannot see”. 

This is a term used intentionally, not because it sounds dope. 

A Spiritual Director is a powerful guide who supports you to explore the depths of your inner dialogue as it pertains to your spirit. These questions are often centered around 3 primary areas: a meaningful life, clear self-identity, and your unique calling invited by the divine. 

For those of us called to become master leaders and powerful creators, there are places we may go that are completely unknown and often painful. In transformational work (rather than the transactional work of “giving to get”), a Spiritual Director offers the space and guidance for the spirit to realign with the body, mind, and soul. A congruent life offers the possibility to live extraordinary experiences on the frequency of freedom. 

Note: this is NOT counseling or therapy while many amazing counselors and therapists offer spiritual work.

A leadership coach is a partner who offers tools, feedback and guidance that help you “win the game you are playing”. The easiest way to understand a coach is someone who supports you to move from functional to optimal. Sometimes, a coach provides the honest interruption to say your beliefs are “full of shit” when you find yourself in cycles of frustration and victimization (which is very much needed for some of us living in vicious cycles of you-know-what). 

The coach you are called to work with (not just any coach) will feel like a powerful trifecta: your biggest fan, the mirror to your blindspots, and the safe space to look at them. In a coaching process, you are consistently investigating what’s working and not working in your beliefs, actions, and relationships. Ultimately, a coach supports you to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be (oh, and you can say “goodbye” to where you “need” to be).

My work is the best of both worlds. It is much more than an accountability partner helping you optimize your life into extraordinary (this role is life-changing in itself). The work I BE (not just “do”) is about depth and height.

In order to create new standards in life and the world (yes, in my arena, we are global-thinkers), we must change our core beliefs about who we are. This is foundational work on a spiritual path of becoming the leader you’ve been waiting for. 

Important side tangent: It’s easy to outsource leadership and point a finger at who did the sh*t job in their role (I’ve personally been there, done that). However, the point-the finger method will never bring us the joy and freedom we desire. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wanting to be the next President, a great parent, or a self-sustaining entrepreneur, we get to create congruence between who we are in the depths of our identity, what we do, and our personal vision of a life worth living. 

This is where guidance from a Spiritual Director and leadership coach becomes life-changing. A guide with the ability to intertwine Big Picture visions with the embodied action of a consistent creator… THIS is the support we are each worth receiving

A Spiritual Director comes in when you’re confused about what game you’re wanting to play here. This happens because of two main reasons: 1) you’ve discovered everything you wanted before no longer fulfills you… or 2) you got what you wanted and you’re unclear about what is next. 

I call this “purpose vertigo”. AKA “what do I really want to be doing with my life?”. In these moments, we must go to your spirit and work with it as you integrate higher levels of leadership over your life through action. Like I said, this is the best of both worlds.

When your purpose makes you dizzy, it’s time to learn to receive. 

If you’re here, you may have a lot of questions about “what the f*** is next?” in your life. It’s not because you don’t have options for jobs, friendships, tribe, etc (though it might feel like no options). 

“What’s next?” comes from a place that feels like everything you thought you wanted no longer fulfills you. You can tell by how you feel. Inspiration is flighty. Money is an empty, if not scarce feeling even when you have it. Time feels like a tricky b*tch and you’re always wishing you had more. Plus, your to-do lists bring either anxiety, boredom, or both.

Your inner work is in the art of receiving support! 


Support is an experience we all too often block. In our modern global culture, receiving support is seen as weak, outsourcing our power, or most commonly, we feel bothersome. This culture leads to isolation, avoidance, and addiction. If we aren’t addicted to food or our phone, maybe it’s work, exercise, our friends, or alcohol. You name it. 

Except, support is NOT in the realm of getting something outside of you to “fix” you. That’s “help”… and the philosophy of the modern medical system in the United States (sorry, I had to lol). 

True support is energy given from a place of love in honor of your journey here. 

Support has no agenda on whether you create results or not. 

Support is present to serve. 

To go beyond your biggest fears, you must learn to receive.

When you’re called to build and embody your best life, you get to receive support. 

This may require you to learn how to receive support so that you DON’T live in the two polarities of: CODEPENDENCY or LONE-WOLFING (i.e. isolating yourself as a solution). 

This is where guidance comes in.

There are a ba-gillion options for guidance, the best forms lie within you. 

A Spiritual Director and coach teaches you how to access inner guidance rather than become a serial note-taker of a journey always talked about and never walked. 

To know what kind of support you need, ask yourself: “Who do I feel called to call?”After asking, your work is to create space for the answer to be heard.

Send me a message and find out how to come play. 

I offer group coaching for global visionaries asking themselves many of the BIG life questions above. If you’re wanting to go beyond your imagination into the embodied experience of your life worth living, let’s have a chat. 

Send me a message here.